June 5, 2015

I mentioned in an earlier edition of “the News” that I’ve been at Covenant long enough now to see students I’ve taught graduate from college and move into adult life.  This week I wanted to highlight another of those recent college grads, Miss Rebekah Bowen, or as she was known when she served as president of the student body, Queen Rebekah I.

Her Majesty left Covenant as the valedictorian of her senior class to study Literature and Bible at Erskine University.  While IMG_2204there, she earned numerous writing awards and accolades from professors.  And just a couple of weeks ago graduated from Erskine with a double major, awarded honors from both the English Department and the Theology Department, earned summa cum laude status, and — you guessed it — delivered another valedictorian speech before her graduating class.

Despite her regal Student Council moniker, Miss Bowen is one of the humblest and soft-spoken young ladies you’ll ever meet, so she doesn’t like to take credit for accomplishments.  When I congratulated her, in addition to praising her parents (who absolutely deserve it), she was quick to remind me that Covenant influenced and helped shape her character from the beginning.  She started here in pre-kindergarten and remained at Covenant all the way to graduation.

But despite her humility, Rebekah’s accomplishments are all her own.  Given the sort of character that the Lord has built into her, as she continues to come into her own, her impact on the world will be enormous, whether she pursues big ambitions or not.  Every person that ever meets her will be better for it.

Those of us who taught Rebekah were blessed by the opportunity, and Covenant is proud to list her among our alumni.

In Christ,

Mr. Bolen

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