October 6, 2014

Covenant Family,

Like many of you I’m sure, I rejoiced in the sunshine that broke through the gloom this morning.  The rain had me feeling cooped up, and so I ventured out to check the school and surrounding neighborhood.

I was thankful to see that, while the Father is graciously providing for those who suffered from the floods, He chose to graciously spare our little school from any real damage whatsoever.  Mr. Collier mopped up some water that collected in the Art and Language rooms, we have a couple of ceiling tiles to replace, and a little wet carpet.  That’s about it.

The roads around the school are passable as well.  Covenant Road shrinks to a single lane at one point, but the school is easily accessible from the Beltline side.  Even families from the Garner’s Ferry area can find safe routes around the trouble spots.  If there weren’t other considerations involved, we could really open tomorrow for business as usual.  Praise the Lord for that grace.

There are other considerations to take into account, though.  First, just because I found a safe route to school from Elgin, that doesn’t mean everyone will find a safe route from their home.  Second, even if many families could get to school, there are still several that are without power and water, and getting life back in order is still a primary priority.  And even if all that were worked out, the city water supply is still compromised, so we would not be able to fully protect the health of students with clean drinking water.

For those reasons, we will most likely follow the same course of action taken by USC and Richland School Districts One and Two, remaining closed for the rest of the week.  Please continue to check the school Facebook page, the website, and email for updates.

In the meantime, if you are in a position to help others, this is an excellent time to teach our children how to share the love of Jesus with people in a time of need.

Along those lines, I mentioned in yesterday’s communication that some of our Covenant families suffered damage from the flood.  As the week goes on, more details will surface about specific needs, but one I’d like to share with you now is the Berry family.  Beverly Berry started as a part-time teacher for us this year providing intervention for our struggling math learners and teaching our 7th and 8th grade Latin classes.  I got word Sunday that the flood waters had swamped Beverly’s home, and received confirmation yesterday that they have suffered a total loss.  Thankfully, they have a rental home that they can move into for shelter, but all of their family belongings are gone.

To help the Berry’s, we’ve set up a GoFundMe account through which they can receive gifts to help with expenses.  If you’d like to contribute, you can do so here:

I’m sure other needs will arise in the next few days and weeks.  So we will do what we can to keep you all informed about ways to help one another in deed as well as in prayer.

Finally, if you’d like to keep your children up to date on school, many of the teachers have lesson plans posted on RenWeb.

In Christ,
Mr. Bolen

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