October 8, 2015

Covenant Family,

I pray you are all doing well as our city and state continue to recover from tragedy. With the sunshine, the activity out on the major roadways, and the reopening of businesses, it appears that we are returning to a state of normalcy. At the same time, we know that workers are still busy assessing and repairing roads, people are still calculating their losses, and thousands of Columbia residents remain without clean drinking water.

I’m sure that those of you who are able have been out helping friends and neighbors in need. I wanted to let you know about a specific opportunity for us to participate as a school community.

From 12 – 6:30 PM tomorrow, Friday, October 9, Covenant is scheduled to help man a water distribution site at the old Sam’s Club located at 1401 Sunset Dr. (Not Sunset Blvd. in West Columbia. This is near N. Main St. where Broad River Rd. turns into River Rd. and then Sunset Dr. before turning into N. Beltline. Leave it to us Southerners to the give same road four different names, and multiple roads the same name.)

The United Way, who is organizing the site, would like at least 4 volunteers at all times. Amanda is organizing volunteers from our end, so email her at cccs@covenantcs.org to schedule a shift.

I also wanted to give you an indication about when school might reopen and under what circumstances.

The biggest concern for us, as I mentioned before, is making sure that we have clean water for students while they are here on campus. We are working on getting a large donation of bottled water and hand sanitizer from a fellow Christian school in Charlotte.

If we get enough water, we will plan to open full time on Monday, October 12. We’d ask parents to send students with a full water bottle from home to conserve our supply, but we would be able to provide students with clean water when that runs out.

In the event that we cannot get an adequate water supply, we will still most likely open on Monday, but go to half days with a noon dismissal. That way, students can still receive instruction, but they can also return home at lunch time to make sure they have what they need to stay healthy throughout the day.

We have not yet determined if after school care will be available. Again, that will depend on how confident we are that we can ensure student health while at school.

I will be able to give you more specifics later today or tomorrow. Please continue to check email, the school website, the Facebook page, and WIS TV for more information.

In Christ,

Mr. Bolen

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