January 13, 2016

One of the things that makes our school unique is that we build strong relationships.  We understand that the “Covenant” part of our name is important to what it means to be a Christian school.  Even when folks move away, as many of our military families do, we still keep up with each other, enjoying the relationships that the Lord builds among His people as the family of God.
Earlier this week my wife Gretchen got a phone call from one of those families.  Most of you remember that Gretchen taught first grade here for a couple of years, and when she noticed that she had voice mail message on her phone on Monday, she found a sweet message from one of her former students.  The student was having a tough day, and wanted to talk with Mrs. Bolen for encouragement.  When Gretchen called back, she spoke to the student, and then she had a long conversation with mom, sharing news and struggles and praying for one another.
That’s what it means to be a “covenant school” and it’s what the Lord does among us here at Covenant.  Whether it’s through spirit week activities and games during basketball season, through events like the Fun(d) Run or Mother / Son Bowling night, or as parents work with teachers in nurturing their children, the Lord uses those things to build deep, life-shaping relationships that help us more and more feel His love and fellowship as we go through the challenges of daily life.
As we begin this new semester and a new calendar year, remember to pray for one another and reach out to one to grow those bonds of family love.
In Christ,
Mr. Bolen
P.S. — I’ll also throw in that, by the parent’s testimony, her student’s new teachers have commented over and over again about how well Covenant prepared her for success in their school.  There are certainly plenty of things around here that we can work on for improvement, but testimonies like that should confirm for us that we’re also doing some of the most important things right.

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