Mary Ellen Fuller’s visit to the Junior and Senior Class

James Donovan was a lawyer who engaged in many of the 20th century’s most intense historical events.

Steven Spielberg’s recently released a movie, Bridge of Spies, that focuses on Donovan, who defended America’s most notorious captured Russian spy – Col. Rudolf Abel. Donovan also made the exchange in Berlin on a bridge during the Cold War and traded him for America’s U-2 pilot spy Francis Gary Powers, who had been captured when his plane was shot down over ”Bridge ofJames

Mary Ellen Donovan Fuller, who visited Mrs. Deena Bouknight’s history class on March 18, is James Donovan’s daughter. She spoke to the juniors and seniors about the movie unveiling experience in New York and meeting at length with Spielberg and Hanks, the historic event itself, and her father’s other historic accomplishments such as the Nuremberg trials and the Bay of Pigs to name a few.

Jim Donovan’s memoir of this spy event is “Strangers on A Bridge” and Mary Ellen signed copies for our students.

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