May 10, 2016

As I mentioned last week, I really can’t think of a better way to find encouragement in our school than to look at the graduates we produce.  Life has a way of focusing our attention on the “here and now,” flooding our vision with all of the immediate circumstances and making us lose sight of the bigger reality that our Father does amazing things through simple faith and faithfulness.  In a world that’s driven by pragmatism and personal satisfaction, everything works against the principles and ideals of a classical education built on the foundation of a Biblical worldview, but when I look how our Father is blessing those efforts in our graduates, it reminds me that the best fruit comes through time and pruning.

This week we heard from Nereo Legaspi, “Nico” as he was known here at Covenant.  Nereo graduated from Covenant in 2011, then attended the University of South Carolina where heNereo Legaspi, College Graduation earned a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science.  He’s currently working at Palmetto Health Baptist, gaining experience as he prepares to pursue more training in Physical Therapy.  When reflecting on how the Lord used his time at Covenant to prepare him for his college experience, Nereo says:

“My time at Covenant helped me develop a strong Christian foundation.  The curriculum at Covenant helped me become a well-rounded individual who could express my faith and defend it whenever challenged.  Learning Latin has aided me in my medical terminology and rhetoric taught me to form my words with purpose.”

I don’t think I could come up with a better picture of “Christ-centered, Well-rounded” than Nereo’s own testimony.  It’s true that Latin is hard and sometimes boring (sorry Mrs. Rapson and Mrs. Berry).  It’s true that the teachers at Covenant are demanding and challenge our students to work at perseverance as much as anything else.  And it’s true that the philosophy and ideals of classical education seem old and irrelevant in a culture that tells us that current trends are “progressive” and “innovative.”

But students like Nereo show that nothing sets the stage for progressive innovation like a solid foundation.  Nereos’ testimony shows the fruit of deep roots, well nourished — a young man who stands steady in his faith, prepared academically and spiritually to impact the world for Jesus.

Continue to pray for our graduates, past, present, and future, that our Father will give them a big vision of His long-term plan, a vision of eternity that puts the “here and now” in it’s proper perspective as the training ground for future faith and faithfulness, and His glory seen in His work in His people.

In Christ,

Mr. Bolen

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