Becoming Better Teachers

Your teachers here at Covenant never stop learning and improving. Even over the summer and through the school year they are working hard to be the best teachers they can be for your children.


This summer, I asked teachers to read the book Consider This: Charlotte Mason 

and the Classical Tradition by Karen Glass (Yes, teachers have summer reading, too!) — and we’ll be discussing the book throughout the year as part of our Faculty Development Plan.


Charlotte Mason was an educator in Victorian England. Her philosophy of education developed through a combination of practical teaching experience and extensive study of educational theories from Plato to those of her own time. Over the span of her lifetime she wrote six volumes of work on the education of children, and her work has influenced some of the richest elements of Christian education in our time.

Using Glass’ book, your teachers will spend the year answering questions like:

  • What qualities and traits did God give human beings, and what approach and methods of education best fit those unique human qualities?
  • What is the purpose of education?
  • How do we “connect the head to the heart” in our teaching?
  • How is education “an atmosphere, a discipline, a life”?
  • What does it mean to teach “the unity of knowledge”?
  • How does all of this change the way I
    • arrange and decorate my classroom?
    • plan a lesson?
    • create homework assignments?
    • assess and address positive and negative behaviors in the classroom?

Through this school year I’d like to share some of those insights with you as your teachers have these discussions and discover the ways that it will improve their classroom teaching.

As always, we’re excited about what God is doing at Covenant, and we’re excited to see what He’s going to do this year in and through our students.

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