The broad goals of the science curriculum are:

  1. To develop a deep appreciation for the breadth and depth of beauty and diversity in God’s creation, include the ways that study of that creation teaches us about God’s character.
  2. To learn how we can use the natural and technological sciences as a way to imitate God’s creative and redemptive work by making amazing things and solving real world problems.
  3. To build a broad, solid foundation for further study of the various sciences as students continue their education.

In Kindergarten and First Grade, students primarily explore environmental sciences, focusing on weather and gardening.

In Second Grade students explore the differences that separate the animal kingdoms, focusing their study on marine life.

Third Grade studies the classifications of land animals, focusing on mammals.

Fourth Grade begins study of the systems of the human body, along with units on plant life and insects.

In Fifth and Sixth Grades, students continue various explorations of natural sciences, while turning more attention to physical, mechanical, and technological sciences.

Seventh Grade studies Life Science as an introduction to Biology and environmental studies.

Eighth Grade studies Physical Science as an introduction to geological sciences and Physics.

In Ninth through Eleventh Grades, students study Biology, Chemistry and Physics as the lab sciences required by major colleges and universities.

In keeping with the requirements of the Department of Education, only three lab sciences are required for graduation.  However, Seniors may take an advanced science as schedules and school personnel permits.  In the past, Covenant students have studied advanced Chemistry and advance Physics.

To accommodate the range of abilities of students and the various goals of parents for their students, Covenant offers Biology, Chemistry, and Physics at both a College Prep level and a Basic level.  As resources allow, students can also pursue other science options. Students pursuing the College Prep diploma will be required to take the three offered lab sciences at the College Prep level.  Basic level courses or alternative sciences qualify students for the General Diploma.

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