Eagle Athletics

Conference Affiliation

Covenant competes in the South Carolina Independent Schools Association (SCISA) athletic conference.  Information about SCISA athletics is available on the SCISA Athletics website, including all athletic forms required for participation in sports at Covenant.

Why We Offer Sports

The sports program at Covenant supports the school’s mission “to prepare students spiritually and academically to transform their culture for Christ” by giving students opportunities to develop self discipline, leadership, perseverance, “coachability,” and the ability to contribute to a team.

Sports teach us how to support others, whether it’s on the field of play or from the bench.  They give us the opportunity to develop “grit” — the tenacity to work hard, even when the reward is elusive.  And they help us learn how to be gracious, courageous, and Christ-like in both times of disappointment and in times of celebration.


Athletics as an Avenue to College or Vocation:

Our Father gifts His people with a variety of talents and skills for His glory, and He does gift some with the abilities and passion to pursue athletics as an opportunity to finance college, or as a potential vocation.

Students interested in pursuing athletics as an avenue to college or vocation must register at the beginning of their Junior year with the NCAA or the NAIA to become eligible for athletic scholarships at the college level.  The Guidance Office can offer assistance to interested families.


Typical Sports Offerings at Covenant:

At Covenant, the specific sports offerings are dependent upon student interest, the availability of coaches, and the willingness of parents to directly support the needs of the activity.

  • Cross-country
  • Girls Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Golf

Covenant students also have the opportunity, through our partnership with SCISA, to pursue individual sports (tennis, bowling, or archery may be good examples).  The primary stipulations are 1) it must be a SCISA offered sport, 2) the student must meet all eligibility requirements, and 3) the student must have an adult sponsor who will take responsibility for preparing student for and supervising them at events.


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