Summer is a great break from the day to day of high school, however, there are tasks on which you need to be working:

  1. Juniors/Seniors – check college board to find out when you can register for the October SAT.
  2. Juniors – Begin the process of visiting college campuses if you haven’t already started.
  3. Seniors – List your top college choices and visit them again this summer.

All returning students received a Planning for College notebook with step by step directions.  Please dig those out and begin to use them if you haven’t already done so.


– a great source to begin the search:
Tuition Funding Sources

Reminder – Many organizations check social media when reviewing your scholarship applications.  Do you need to clean yours up?

Freshmen and Sophomores you also need to begin the process.  Test preparation cannot start too early and I encourage you to begin studying by checking out the online free resources for test preparation through Richland County Library. Also, if you take a vacation this summer or just take a day trip, start to look at college campuses and the programs of study that are offered by various institutions.  Find out their specialties, talk to
Covenant alums and get their perspectives!

See you in August!

Mrs. B

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