Kimberly Richens

IMG_3898Kimberly Richens was born and raised in Bristol, Connecticut.  After graduating from High School, she joined the Air Force and served proudly as a Communications Specialist in the Security Service Command  working under a Top Secret Clearance.   In her last 2 years she served as an Instructor at Corry Field Naval Base in Pensacola, Florida.  During her time in the military she attended University of Maryland classes on base and  later completed  her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a minor in accounting, graduating “Magnum Cum Laude” from Inter-American University in Puerto Rico.  She also served as a specialist in the Army Reserve working in their finance department.

While living in Texas, Kimberly homeschooled her daughter Tia, also working as a substitute teacher at her school Coram Deo Academy, a Christian school with a Classical curriculum.  She and her family moved to South Carolina in 2008 when her husband Stephen took a new job in Columbia.  He is employed by Blue Cross/Blue Shield as a Project Manager in their IT department.

She and her family now reside in Sumter where she was employed as a substitute teacher at Wilson Hall for 4 years.  She is actively involved in her church and community.

Kimberly is no stranger to Covenant nor to Classical education.  From 2008 to 2011, while her daughter attended middle school here, she served as a substitute teacher, PTO President, fundraiser and Public Relations coordinator.  She also served as Varsity coach for the girls basketball team and helped to get the JV girls basketball team started.

Kimberly has a great heart for students and above all, for her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  She has a solid background in classical education and is excited to be part of Covenant once again.  She teaches Algebra I, Algebra II, and Logic.

In her spare time she enjoys cooking, horseback riding, golf, tennis and traveling with her family.

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