Kristen Dawson


Kristen Dawson grew up in a Christian family with parents who loved her and had the desire to raise her in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  They prayed daily for the salvation of their six children, and were faithful to teach principles from God’s Word on a regular basis.  She knew from a young age that she was born a sinner, and that the only way she could be cleansed of that sin was through the salvation that God offered through Jesus Christ.

As Kristen continued to grow in Christ she looked for opportunities to serve and sought direction from the Lord for her life calling. She began to feel the Lord leading her toward ministry to children, and decided to seek a college degree in elementary education.  Kristen attended Southeastern Bible College in Birmingham, Alabama, where she received the training she needed from a Biblical perspective.  While at Southeastern Kristen met her husband, Nick Dawson, and they were married soon after she graduated.

Kristen has loved teaching third and fourth grades in Christian schools in Kentucky and Florida, and she is now looking forward to teaching at Covenant! Her husband is in full time ministry to students and they are blessed to have two daughters and one dog named Baylee. Kristen loves coffee, books, and family trips to the beach!

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