The Covenant library skills program has three basic goals. Clearly, the first is to serve as an assist to the classroom teacher in building reading skills and inspiring a passion for reading in all our students. Much is changing with books in our current technology driven society. Yet building reading skills is still the primary goal for an elementary student and text, whether print or electronic, is still what students must learn to navigate. In the library we seek to build in every CCCS student a love of books, stories, poems, etc., and reading generally.

A second goal is, again, to assist the teacher in building in each student strong research skills and an understanding of the research process through the correct use of both text and electronic resources. To that end, students are guided from basic information gathering to full research papers utilizing both text and data base sources.

A third, and perhaps a more important goal, is to assist in the building in each student a strong biblical worldview. One of the steps in building that world view is helping students understand that all writers have a world view and that their world view is inexorably woven into their writings. This is equally true in music, television, and movies. Authors imagine, write, create, and compose, from a world view and attitude about man, man’s relationship to the world, and man’s relationship to God. In the library, our goal is to help students see this as we read and talk about books and the authors who write them.

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