Mission Statement

By God’s grace, Covenant Classical Christian School endeavors to serve Christian parents in providing a distinctly Christ-centered and classical education that prepares graduates who are steadfast and courageous disciples, scholars, and citizens who know and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

Vision Statement

Covenant Classical Christian School will be an academically excellent, distinctly Christ-centered and classical school serving Christian families in the Midlands. The Board of Directors of the School envision the school at its maturity will have the following characteristics:

Campus Culture – Grace filled, vibrant, relational, and respectful atmosphere between students and teachers with an average class size of 15 with a single class at every grade-level for a full enrollment with waiting lists.

Faculty and Staff – Highly qualified and enthusiastic faculty members who model biblical Christianity and who inspire students to learn; majority with graduate degrees; vibrant faculty growth with long tenure leading participants (innovators, thinkers, presenters, and practitioners) in the Classical Christian Education community; salary compensation arrangement that is fair to all faculty and staff given their level of experience and training, and professional development attained.

Students and Families – Enthusiastic, motivated, mannerly students; average to above average academic ability, diverse range of Evangelical Christian denominations, economic levels, and ethnic backgrounds; 90% family re-enrollment rate; parents who view enrollment as a K-12 commitment to full trivium model, and who are willing and able to act as ambassadors for the school in the larger community and the Kingdom.

Program – All subjects in the curriculum are taught as parts of an integrated whole with scripture at the center. Accreditation by ACCS; rigorous academics that prepare students for continued academic pursuits including the collegiate level; well-developed fine arts component that includes art, drama, choral and instrumental music; interscholastic athletics that provide life-long participation, enriching extra-curricular activities; steady service opportunities within the school, local, and extended community; graduates who possess the tools for life-long learning as well as the cardinal and theological virtues and are ready and able to impact their world for Christ in accordance with God’s providence.

Facilities – CCCS owned campus in an appropriate location; of sufficient size to allow for needed safe, secure, clean, functional, and attractive classroom buildings, research library/media center that serves as the symbolic center of the campus life, fine arts auditorium, athletic facilities, gymnasium, and other facilities as needed.

Finance – Hard income will cover 100% of operating budget; endowment to supplement faculty and staff salaries, financial assistance, and enriching facility and program supplements; tuition that is comparable to other private schools in the area, and a robust annual fund.

Governance – Continued implementation of the policy governance model, conscious and continuous cultivation of current and potential members of the Board; regular and systematic orientation of new board members.