Mrs. Caroline Wright


After more than twenty years teaching preschool, Mrs. Wright came to Covenant as a Kindergarten teacher with a specialty in early childhood development. She is particularly passionate for healthy social and emotional opportunities to facilitate learning in the classroom.

In kindergarten, we learn so much through our surroundings and with each other. An engaging, challenging and inclusive atmosphere is essential for encouraging wonder and exploration, the beginnings of learning. Staying in tune to the children’s interests and needs, helps a teacher bring new information to them in ways that provide discovery and joy in learning. Mrs. Wright wants them to know they are accomplished learners, and to ensure they are eager to learn more. And they learn so much in this year. It is a most thrilling experience to watch a child discover the keys to reading and walk through that open door, or begin to think for him-/herself to solve problems, in Singapore math and in life.

Our kindergarten teacher came to Covenant with training from the Center for Social-Emotional Foundations of Early Childhood (CSEFEL), Inclusion (integrating and accommodating children with special needs in a regular classroom), and strong influence from occupational therapists specializing in sensory processing. Spring of 2015, Mrs. Wright completed a fascinating course, Implementing Restorative Practices in Schools. Restorative practices are used all over the world to maintain and restore good relations in communities, including classrooms. It is putting the Gospel of truth and grace into practice in every opportunity.

Mrs. Wright is very happily married to Cantey Wright. She is also a mom of six children, some precious in-law sons and daughters, and, at last count, eleven beautiful, brilliant, and talented grandchildren.

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