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Who We Are

We are a covenant school, families bound together by common beliefs for a common purpose.

From a Biblical perspective, a covenant is a sacred bond, a serious relationship built on promises. When entering that sacred bond, we enter a community of diverse individuals held together in unity by a few common beliefs, practices, and goals, promising that we will make that unity more important than our personal preferences and individual motivations.  Being in covenant also means that we will work for one another’s benefit, not ours own alone.

The community at Covenant is typically made up of families belonging to 60 or more different churches of different denominational affiliations, as well as families from different ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. To help maintain unity in a diverse community, Covenant families affirm a common Statement of Faith, which we believe is consistent with the broad boundaries of Christian orthodoxy and sets a good foundation for the practices and goals of the school.

The philosophy of classical education values history as the best teacher of enduring truths and timeless habits of the mind, things that matter because they have and will always be necessary tools for living a meaningful life.  In fact, nearly all of those skills widely considered “21st Century Skills” have always been the aim and the product of a good, classical education: good stewardship, good citizenship, the ability to find consensus, the courage and discernment to work toward justice, research and analysis skills, the ability to think and problem-solve across disciplines, powerful and persuasive communication.  The classical focus on what’s good, beautiful, and true; the focus on grammar, logic, and rhetoric — this focus has proven in every time and place to produced the leaders who shape the culture in which we live.

Being classical means that the academics at Covenant will be a struggle — but struggle is good, since we can’t grow without it.  Latin and traditional Logic are required courses as they have proven over time to train the mind for precise, analytical thinking.  Students are also required in their Senior year to research a topic, then write a thesis paper which they present and defend to staff and faculty.  Literature is taught together with the historical time period in which it was written because knowledge of the past gives us an excellent platform for evaluating our present culture.  This academic project is rigorous and challenging, requiring perseverance, persistence, personal responsibility, and a growing ability of the student to take ownership of his or her learning process.

At Covenant, faith and reason go together and spiritual truth is the foundation for the whole educational program, not just an “add-on.”  We study history because it is God’s story of creation, fall, redemption, and glorification.  We study literature because God is a great story-teller and He uses great stories to fill us with pictures of virtue and courage, sin and salvation, oppression and justice.  We study science because it displays the beauty, power, and creativity of the God who created this incredible universe.  We study math because it’s an abstract expression of God’s concrete creation, and it gives us a tool to imitate God’s creative and redemptive activity as builders, innovators, and problem solvers in business and economics, the arts and sciences, and in areas of technology and engineering.

Being a Christian school also means that we don’t focus on getting students to college and into good jobs.  We focus on equipping students to love God with their hearts, souls, minds, and strength — to pursue academic excellence and life readiness as an act of worship, trusting the Lord to bless and direct that pursuit into opportunities for further growth and meaningful work.  We trust Jesus when He tells us to “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you” (Matthew 6:33), and so we believe that becoming a good student for God’s glory will lead to college and life success.