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Portrait of a Graduate

Our “Portrait of a Graduate” was developed by our staff and faculty in response to the question, “What are your hopes, dreams, and aspirations for your students?”

After developing the document, we identified 14 traits that we use to guide our curriculum development and classroom instruction in an effort to keep our daily activities focused on our mission to “prepare students academically and spiritually to transform their culture for Christ.”

Academically Prepared

Covenant graduates are academically prepared for successful leadership in the life to which God calls them, able to think broadly, deeply, and critically about a wide variety of subjects. They have the ability to organize and analyze information, generate original thought, and persuasively convince others of an argument. Moreover, they are confident learners, able to use their solid foundation in language arts and mathematics to gain knowledge and understanding of anything they choose. Instilled with a lifelong passion for learning, Covenant graduates enjoy using their knowledge to create, innovate, inspire, and solve problems to help those around them, thereby making significant contributions to improve life in our modern world.

Spiritually Prepared

Covenant graduates have the tools to develop active spiritual lives through which they may seek knowledge of God and His Kingdom.  We desire to see our graduates grow in spiritual maturity, seen in their devotion to serving God and their fellow man through the works of faith and faithfulness that flow from a committed relationship with Jesus and a desire to seek His glory in daily life.

Transforming Culture for Christ

Covenant graduates understand their relationship to God and His world. They have a clear sense of purpose and knowledge of God’s calling on their individual lives. By His grace and provision, they are prepared to use their intellect, coupled with their servant’s heart, to impact the world.  By leading a healthy lifestyle and developing a close personal relationship with Jesus Christ, graduates ensure that they have the physical and spiritual strength necessary to pursue their vocation with a Kingdom-building, Gospel purpose that shows the redemptive work of Jesus’ Kingship in every field of endeavor. Finally, Covenant graduates can utilize their full knowledge of the Gospel and the skills needed to articulate their beliefs persuasively to others to transform their culture by leading people to Christ.