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(803) 787-0225


3120 Covenant Road

Columbia, SC 29204

School Profile

High School Profile
CEEB Code 410514

3120 Covenant Road, Columbia, SC 29204
(803) 787-0225

Mission Statement
Our mission is to prepare students academically and spiritually to transform their culture for Christ.

Christian Schools International
South Carolina Independent School Association
Association of Classical and Christian Schools
National Honor Society
College Board

Students are admitted to Covenant based on previous academic performance, recommendations from a pastor and former teacher, an admission questionnaire, interview and placement testing.

Class Rank
Covenant ranks its students in accordance with the Uniform Grading Scale policy as designed and approved by the Commission on Higher Education. Parents may access the rank of their student(s) from the guidance department at any time following the completion of ninth grade year. Given the size of each class, the overall academic strength of our student body, and the rigorous curriculum required of each student, we do not consider class rank as a predictor of success in college. One hundred percent of Covenant graduates who apply to college have been accepted and have received scholarship assistance.

International Student Enrollment
Covenant is a non-immigrant federally approved school.

SAT Results of Students Entering Four-Year Institutions of Higher Learning

Classes of 2004-06 Classes of 2007-09 Classes of 2010-15 Classes of 2016-18
Average SAT Score 1170 1190 1150 1200
*Verbal and Math Score totals

Graduation Requirements

College Prep
English – 4
Mathematics – 4
Science (Lab Science) – 3
History – 4
Economics/Government – 1
Rhetoric –  1
Foreign Language – 3
Physical Education – 1
Computer Applications – 1
Bible – 2
Logic – 1
Fine Arts – 1
Senior Thesis – 0.5
Total minimum Credits needed – 26.5

General Diploma
English – 4
Mathematics – 4
Science (Lab Science) – 3
History – 3
Rhetoric –  1
Foreign Language – 1
Physical Education – 1
Computer Applications – 1
Bible – 2
Logic – 1
Fine Arts – 1
Senior Thesis – 0.5
Additional Electives – 1.5
Total minimum Credits needed – 24

Students perform 10 hours of community service and 5 hours of Covenant service per year attended.
Athletics: Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Cheer

Alex Weatherly
School Board Chairman

H. Gary Collier
School Administration

Dianne Bush
Guidance Counselor

Students and Faculty
Covenant is a racially, geographically, and socio-economically diverse student body. Students live in all areas of Columbia and the surrounding small towns. The faculty-to-student ratio is approximately 1 to 12.
The highly-qualified faculty consists of 10 professional teachers. Many hold master’s degrees in their subject areas.

Covenant Classical Christian School
College Acceptances

Anderson University Frances Marion University North Carolina State University
Auburn University Gardner-Webb University Oglethorpe College
Berklee College of Music Georgia Institute of Technology Point Loma University
Bob Jones University Grove City College Presbyterian College
Cedarville College Hamlin University Queens College
Charleston Southern University Hillsdale College Samford University
Clemson University Johnson and Wales University Spartanburg Methodist College
Coastal Carolina University Lander University University of Alabama
Campbell University Lenoir-Rhyne University University of Georgia
Coker College LeTourneau University University of Mississippi
College of Charleston Mars Hill College University of South Carolina
Columbia College Midlands Technical College (Aiken, Columbia, Sumter, upstate)
Columbia International University Mississippi State University Winthrop University
Covenant College Newberry College Wofford University
Furman University North Greenville University

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