School History

“Christian schools for Christian children, and Christian teachers for public schools.”    ~ Dr. Gary Aitken

In the 1980’s, Dr. Gary Aitken saw that the public school system was growing increasingly aggressive in its promotion of secular values and felt that the Christian community should follow a strategy of flooding the public schools with Christian teachers and ensuring that children from Christian families could be educated from an unapologetically Biblical perspective.  To act on that vision, Covenant Presbyterian Church, in the Bradley neighborhood of Columbia, established Covenant Presbyterian Day School in 1983.  Over the next 15 years, the school grew from a Kindergarten / First grade to a K-8 school, serving families from a variety of evangelical denominations across the Columbia metro area.

In the late 90’s, a group of motivated parents appreciated the school culture at Covenant so much that they felt compelled to grow the school to include grades 9 – 12.  In 1999 a new wing of classrooms was built and a high school was added.  At this same time, the Board felt led to shift the educational philosophy of the school to align more intentionally with a classical philosophy, training teachers in classical methodology, incorporating courses in Latin, Logic, and Rhetoric, and adopting an “omnibus” model for Literature and History in the high school.  In the years since, Covenant has consistently strengthened its vision for the classical philosophy and its application in tandem with a Biblical worldview.  Renamed Covenant Classical Christian School to reflect this new philosophy, Covenant has prepared students to impact the culture in military service and professional fields as diverse as sports management, psychology, education, forestry, merchandising, engineering, the performing arts, and more.

Over the decades, as He often does in the life of a worshipping body, the Lord has led Covenant Presbyterian Church to direct their resources toward other ministries for the spreading of the influence of the Gospel.  At the same time, the Board and families of Covenant Classical Christian School felt that the time had come for the school to further its vision and mission as an independent ministry to the Christian community in Columbia.

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