Due By
January 5, 2024

Single Tuition Payment

Due By
April 30, 2024
(Save $250)

Monthly Tuition Payment Total
Processing Fee

Monthly Payments
(11 Months)
May 2024-April 2025

(No tuition payment in January 2025.
Registration Fee due by January 5, 2025 for the following
school year.)

Grammar School

K – 6th

$710 $7,285 $7,535 $685

Logic School

7th & 8th

$815 $8,055 $8,305 $755

Rhetoric School

9th – 12th

$925 $8,500 $8,750 $795

The Registration Fee includes fees for textbooks, lab materials, single-day field trips, and a yearbook.

New Student Fee:
Administrative fee $500 per family plus $125 new student fee for each new student.

Military or Pastoral 5% Discount – one discount per family applied to tuition.

Covenant will operate with continuous enrollment for all students enrolled for the 2024-2025 school year and going forward. This means the enrollment fee will be automatically billed in December 2024 and due January 5, 2025 for the 2025-2026 school year. Families wishing to opt out for the following school year must contact the Main Office by December 5, 2024 to avoid being billed the enrollment fee. Opting out of enrollment after December 5 incurs a $100 per month late fee. The rate increases $100 after the 5th of each subsequent month.